"The Key to Life is to Be the Light"

-Lizzy Jeff


Lizzy Jeff's love affair with self healing and scribing inspiring rap poetry has placed her at the top of a new wave. She's an activist for peace and love, committed to serving others.  Her ability to empower people through living in their truths and sharing their light is one of her natural superpowers. She's a mystic and a Medicine Woman in every sense. Whether hosting her own creatively curated Zen & Kush event, teaching the World about plant medicine or sharing universal rhymes, Lizzy leaves sprinkles of inspiration everywhere she goes.

Finding inspiration in the universe and within all of life’s thrills, Lizzy's music is enlightening, fun, and good for the soul. Her sultry cadence serves all as an earthly guide to divine healing through the knowledge of self love and positive thought. No denying, her music is medicine. Allow her enchanting tone to lead the way on a mystical journey while she lays introspective lyrics over rhythmic music and gives each listener a sweet glimpse into their own divine nature.

Founder of Zen & Kush