Zen & Kush, the Art of Self Healing

Presented to you by Lizzy Jeff

Infusing the elements of music, fashion, sensuality & art, Zen & Kush is an elevated lifestyle brand & series of immersive healing events curated by Lizzy Jeff. A growing community of prolific artists, healers and thought leaders, Zen & Kush is a culture that is leading the way for a beautiful, emerging renaissance.

From sacred rituals and plant based cuisine to guided meditation and exotic dance, Zen & Kush is a vortex for all people to exist in their authenticity and truly heal. Lizzy Jeff curates a perfect vibe where brands, artists and healers can exist in a space together, create iconic art, and truly empower each other.

People leave these experiences feeling activated and inspired to step into their greatness . The Zen & Kush platform is re-defining stereotypes and creating new, powerful narratives that include all beings. Lizzy Jeff is committed to fostering an environment of self love, entrepreneurship, creativity & spiritual expansion via a myriad of high vibrational expressions she calls Zen & Kush.

Zen & Kush: Sacred Sensuality

Zen & Kush: Kings

Zen & Kush: Queens

Lizzy Jeff Presents: Kimonos, an elevated herbal tea experience in atlanta

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