Zen & Kush, the Art of Self Healing

Presented to you by Lizzy Jeff

An elevated art experience with the intention of exploring the world of self healing. Curated through the mediums of music, art, plant medicine, energy healing and more, Zen & Kush provides an educational environment for those wanting to incorporate ritual into everyday life.

Lizzy Jeff is honored to present a platform designed to redefine current stereotypes around cannabis culture.  This experience allows people the opportunity to heal and learn about the medicinal values of sacred plant medicine. Zen & Kush is committed to fostering an atmosphere of self love, creativity and growth via a myriad of high vibrational expressions.

Zen & Kush: Sacred Sensuality

Zen & Kush: Kings

Zen & Kush: Queens

Lizzy Jeff Presents: Kimonos, an elevated herbal tea experience in atlanta

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